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Throughout my life, I've had an avid interest in American politics. It originates from my childhood concern for removing litter from the neighborhood park that was inspired by a TV PSA "Keep America Beautiful" that portrayed a Native American shedding tears over the demise of the American landscape due to pollution. I was also inspired by watching Schoolhouse Rock on the weekends.

My passion for public affairs was further fostered during my teenage years in the Boy Scouts of America. Among the numerous merit badges earned in my quest to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, my favorite badges were Citizenship in the Community, Nation, and World, respectively. 

At a time when technology is compelling transparency and accountability by empowering people to scrutinize the agenda of American government and to hold all public officials accountable, the investigative reporting of news media that exists online provide the essential insight to foster fundamental change.

Again, thanks for visiting! And visit often as I add more personal content and provide more details about American politics.

1971 Iron Eyes Cody "People Start Litter, People Can Stop It" PSA
Pollution: Keep America Beautiful -- Horseback

I'm Just A Bill
Constitution Preamble
Tea Party No More Kings

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