View A. Goodman and J. Blades - NetSquared 2006 on

San Jose, CA
May 31st, 2006


Grassroots, Netroots, and the End and Beginning of Politics featuring Amy Goodman (Democracy NOW!), Joan Blades ( and Micah Sifrey (moderator) speaking at the NetSquared Conference 2006.

The American political process is changing. Although the end-goals may differ (win an election vs. solve a large, complex, often intractable social problem), political campaigns and other social change efforts share many characteristics, e.g., the needs to do fundraising, to influence public opinion, and to convince people to become actively involved.

The oft-cited example of the Howard Dean presidential campaign demonstrated how technology can amplify grassroots movements into national groundswells. Since that campaign, the communication technologies available have continued to evolve. Some of the most mobilization of huge numbers of demonstrators against congressional visited sites on the web are now political blogs, left and right.

Presented by NetSquared in collaboration with Link TV.

Funding of Link TV's video coverage provided by:

Surdna Foundation
Leland Fikes Foundation

View  Michael Connery: Youth to Power on

Cody's Books
Berkeley, CA
Mar 12th, 2008

Michael Connery discusses Youth to Power: How Today's Young Voters Are Building Tomorrow's Progressive Majority

Nearly half of today's young voters under thirty identify themselves as Democrats, and they voted overwhelmingly Democratic in the 2006 election, and we may be seeing a boon for that party, which they may ultimately lead to a progressive resurgence in American politics.

Michael Connery blogs about progressive youth politics at, is a writer at, and a contributor to and the Huffington Post - Cody's Books

View How Candidates and Elections Are Sold to Us on

The Commonwealth Club of California
San Francisco, CA
Jan 28th, 2008

Political Communication: How Candidates and Elections Are Sold to Us with discussants Joe Tuman, Art Torres, and Ron Nehring. Jerry Lubenow moderates.

Critics assert that U.S. political campaigns have become a wasteland of rhetoric, with cynical ploys replacing civic devotion. In this environment, it is often hard for the voter to tell what the candidate actually stands for and how that candidate may act once in office. As a result, many voters have become turned off to the elections process - The Commonwealth Club of California

View Christine Pelosi: Campaign Boot Camp on

Commonwealth  Club of California
San Francisco, CA
Dec 12th, 2007

Christine Pelosi discusses Campaign Boot Camp.

As an attorney, activist, author and blogger, Pelosi is an insider in the world of American politics and election campaigns. The daughter of Nancy Pelosi, the nation's first female speaker of the House, Christine has written a guidebook for citizens wanting to enter public service and become involved in their communities, whether through working with nonprofit agencies or seeking election to office.

Pelosi has over 30 years of grassroots experience in voter contact, education and mobilization in local, state and federal efforts. Come hear her perspective as we gear up for the primaries in early 2008 - Commonwealth Club of California

View Matt Bai: The Web and the next U.S. President on

The Sydney Institute
Sydney, Australia
Jun 23rd, 2008

New York Times magazine journalist Matt Bai was in Australia recently, on a break from covering the US presidential race.

In an address to the Sydney Institute, he talks about the profound impact of the internet on American politics.

Matt Bai has written extensively about American politics, and his recent book, Billionaires, Bloggers and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics is a look at the state of contemporary Democratic party politics in the U.S.

In this talk, he offers some insights into the Democratic primaries race, and argues that the November election will offer a pretty good choice for voters - The Sydney Institute


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