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It's here and it's happening now!! 
We The People: It's time to get empowered!!

Whether you're ready for it or not, the internet is empowering people to take action to make the world a better place. From Hicksville, Long Island to Washington, DC, individual power is rapidly increasing as the internet reaches more people every day. Better get ready. This is powerful stuff: very powerful. And it is having incredible political ramifications.

No longer do traditional power brokers and broadcast media pundits dominate the discourse of politics. No longer to party hacks and special interests supercede the concerns of taxpayers to suit their own agendas. And no longer is direct access to power an exclusive process that is controlled by the politically connected. Today, they are the remnants of yesteryear machine politics. Today, we are all politically connected!

Now that power is in our hands, opportunities are abound for self-organization grassroots and netroots efforts that create communities which are focused on issues which directly affect the interests of that community. The dinosaurs are dismayed. They no longer have dominant control. They are losing power. Democracy is thriving and the welfare of the people is prevailing.

The destiny of community prosperity is now in the hands of concerned citizens and activists everywhere. Such amazing developments are compelling people to take direct action.  You've got to be in it to win it! Either become empowered to participate in the political process and prosper, or remain complacent and be coerced to subsist in the debilitative lethargy and distractive discourse of obsolete politics. It's up to you. Yes, it's up to you.

The economic implications are immense. Wall Street went wild. Everyone wanted to invest in the market. Wealth is becoming available for everyone. Yet, the political ramifications are just beginning. And everyone interested in politics is obsessed over how technology is changing the political playing field. It is awesome!!

Yet, the balance of power will benefit mostly those who empower those who empower themselves with the technological resources required to organize fellow citizens to take direct action. That's the purpose of this website.

Well, how about it?  Are you ready for this revolution? Do you have the technical tools to become politically empowered? Do you want to prosper?

Of course you do! But how? Simple. Get online and just link onto this website and network with fellow citizens intent on taking direct action to make a difference. Most importantly, become a registered voter and make your voice and mark heard on election day and throughout the year. That's all it takes. Getting online. And getting out the vote on election day.

The Albany Project

This article titled "Rot", written by "The Albany Project", discusses the dramatic changes that are occurring in the New York State Legislature. In the past, the politics of the Empire State was once dominated by the infamous "Albany Triumvirate", a cast of politicians that consisted of the Governor, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Speaker of the State Assembly. Today, such power brokers are remnants of machine politics of the past. Another informative report that digresses on reform happening in Albany is "Still Broken: New York State Legislative Reform 2008 Update." This paper has been published by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law.


In 2006, Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, at the time considered a suburban revolutionary, launched a movement to reform Empire state politics in Albany. His agenda for state government reform, called FixAlbany, was presented in a website www.FixAlbany.com. 

To visit the website, please enter the URL
http://www.archive.org in www.google.com. At the top and center of the internet archive webpage please enter the http://www.fixalbany.com website in the search box "WayBackMacine". Then click the link for the desired Fix Albany website.

(Investigative Reports from Newsday)

The political corruption that pervades Long Island is like peeling the layers of an onion - the more you peel the onion the more pungent the corruption and the more tears one has over the state of Long Island's public affairs.

Over the years, Newsday has provided very insightful investigative reports concerning this culture of corruption by Long Island public officials. Today, technology has empowered people with the oversight to confront such injustices and to compel state and local public officials to be more accountable to the public which has entrusted them with the responsibility to ensure safe drinking water, a growing economy, sensible community development, health care, and a solid education.






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